What is Tree Care Supporter?

Trees are fundamental to the future health of our planet and its population.

Tree Care Supporter aims to educate the public on why trees are so important, how we can look after them better, and help advance the science of arboriculture.

The world is starting to realise the power of trees...

Arborists are managing and planting trees that must survive decades of global warming. 

Don't take trees for granted – Help trees thrive by becoming a Tree Care Supporter

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What is Arboriculture?

The science and practice of the cultivation, establishment and management of amenity trees for the benefit of society. Arboriculture refers to the care of trees grown or maintained for their amenity value – for the environmental, social and economic benefits that they bring – rather than for the value of their timber or fruit. It […]

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Pests & Diseases

Acute Oak Decline – ‌ Oak Acute Oak Decline (AOD) is a disease affecting several thousand native oak trees in Britain. It is considered to have first occurred in Britain 30-35 years ago. It mainly affects pedunculate oak (Quercus robur) and sessile oak (Quercus petrea), however other species of oak can also be affected. ‌ […]

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How can I get a Tree Preservation Order made on a tree that I think is at risk of being felled or damaged?

Your local council is responsible for making Tree Preservation Orders (TPO). You should contact your local authority and speak to the tree officer or someone in the planning department who should determine whether the making of a TPO is appropriate. More detailed information on TPOs: www.gov.uk/guidance/tree-preservation-orders-and-trees-in-conservation-areas#Flowchart-1-Making-and-confirming-TPO

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