What is Arboriculture?

What is arboriculture?

The science and practice of the cultivation, establishment and management of amenity trees for the benefit of society.

Arboriculture is to trees what horticulture is to other plants, in that it usually refers to the care of trees grown or maintained for their aesthetic or environmental value, rather than the value of their timber or fruit.

It differs from forestry and woodland management in both the methods of tree management used and the overall objectives of tree planting and development.

In a nutshell, Arboriculture is the growing, planting, science and maintenance of trees not grown for timber or fruit. Arboriculture must also include the study of tree safety and the management of risk, as trees grown for their aesthetic and environmental value (also known as amenity trees) are normally in much closer proximity to people.

There are areas of crossover between Arboriculture, Forestry, Woodland Management and even Horticulture. Much of the science, tree mechanics, pests and diseases do not differ between these disciplines, however the approach, objectives and style of management is where the true difference lies.

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