Most fallen trees can stay where they are - Storm update

Granny Pine Felled © Struan Dalgleish

The Association is reminding arborists, landowners and their advisors that many of the fallen trees and branches resulting from the recent storms can simply be left where they lie, as they will encourage biodiversity. Of course, fallen trees that are causing inconvenience by blocking roads, paths and some formal areas will need to be cleared – much of this emergency work has already been completed - and checks on remaining trees in high occupancy areas should be carried out following a logical priority.

However, the rest of the fallen trees, away from public thoroughfares and safe from further collapse, will make fantastic homes for all sorts of biodiversity, and the space in the canopy they have vacated will allow germination of plants that have been just waiting for this moment to arise. Fungi too, are all ready to explore new food sources and, in the process, offer new habitats for invertebrates and other insects, creating opportunities for entire new ecosystems to evolve and develop.

Don’t let our obsession with tidiness extend beyond the absolutely necessary – let nature do the rest!

This past weekend, Arboricultural Association CEO John Parker Acknowledged the efforts of Arborists after recent storms:

“This weekend many skilled, hardworking arborists will be out in sometimes dangerous conditions to help clear up the damage left by Storm Eunice. The Arboricultural Association would like to acknowledge the efforts of these professionals who help keep the country safe and moving.

“We would also urge members of the public to avoid fallen trees and remember that arboriculture is a skilled job, and it is always safest to engage a suitably qualified and experienced professional rather than trying to tackle the problem yourself.”

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