#ArbMatters - National Tree Week


National Tree Week


Promoting the value of the Arboriculture industry

The Arboricultural Association is proud to support National Tree Week again in 2020!

Make your voice heard on National Tree Week

28th November – 6th December 2020

To celebrate National Tree Week, we’re highlighting the value of the Arboriculture industry to the UK over the next month. Trees are so important and so often undervalued, tree care professionals get even less recognition; we want to change this.

So, with #ArbMatters, we’re encouraging everyone to share their personal thoughts on why our industry is so important and why it needs greater recognition, using the hashtag #ArbMatters

Help us showcase this sector full of experts and amazing inspirational stories of people working with trees, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and learning.


Why Arboriculture is Awesome

Why Arboriculture is Awesome

6 tips for Choosing Your Arborist

Tree work operations (arboriculture) require a high degree of technical competence, supported by training and experience. For these reasons tree work should only be undertaken by well-trained, competent arborists experience at the type of work being undertaken, e.g. tree pruning/tree removal.

6 tips for Choosing Your Arborist

6 careers in Arboriculture

Working in the Arboriculture industry covers a multitude of different careers, each with their own set of experiences and skills. Here’s an example of just a few:

6 careers in Arboriculture

How Can I Help?

Social Media Tool Kit

There are lots of ways you can help to spread the #ArbMatters message

Post a tweet, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn post along with an image of you and your team or one of our #ArbMatters social media cards.

Arboriculture Contributes £709 Million to UK GDP – read more

Example Social Media Post

Share a picture of you and your team explaining why #ArbMatters to you

Share a picture of a colleague or figure in the industry who inspires you

“We’re celebrating National Tree Week at Corp Ltd by promoting the value of #trees and the #arboriculture industry because we want people to understand why #ArbMatters. Did you know Arboriculture contributes £709 Million to UK GDP?”

“Its National Tree Week and I’m celebrating the value of the #arboriculture industry. I love being part of an industry with people from all walks of life, working in different roles, who are brought together by a love for #trees and the outdoors. That’s why #ArbMatters to me.”

Download our Social Media Cards

#ArbMatters Social Media Cards for Facebook and Instagram

#ArbMatters Social Media Cards for Twitter and LinkedIn

Talking Trees video series playlist

Share a video from our ‘Talking Trees’ YouTube series

Share your favourite video from our playlist featuring inspirational experts

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