Tree Pests and Diseases

Keeping our knowledge of the issues that threaten trees is crucial to the health of our future treescapes.

Here you can find out how to spot diseases already present, the threats we are most concerned about, and how to identify and report them.

Reporting Pests & Diseases

Learn how to report signs of dangerous tree pests and diseases.

Cases of ill health found in trees across the UK and Ireland should be reported through:

For the UK the Forestry Commission’s TreeAlert which can be found at:

In Ireland and Northern Ireland use TreeCheck which can be found at:

There are many invertebrates like mites and nematodes, bacteria, phytoplasmas, water molds, plants (mistletoes) and viruses that can cause damage and need to be avoided through biosecurity measures.

More information

The Forestry Commission has also produced the following information about pests and diseases and associated biosecurity. Click a link below to find out more.

For more information on pests and diseases and how we can help reduce their spread, take a look at their website:

Information contained on this page are © copyright of the Forestry Commission and are used with their permission.

Massaria Disease of Plane

Oriental Chestnut Gall Wasp

Phytophthora austrocedri

Phytophthora lateralis

Ips typographus

Preventing the introduction of harmful pests & diseases and the spread of exisiting issues

The Arboricultural Association works alongside many leading industry bodies to help promote best practice throughout both our membership but further afield too. To that end we have helped produce a Biosecurity Policy to help prevent spread on pests and diseases in our tree stock.

Biosecurity is the single most important subject in terms of safeguarding the future of our trees.

With the myriad of potential threats we aim to both give a clear best practice framework to those within the industry but also to help those with special interests around trees to be able to spot potential hazards and enable them to pass that information on to the relevant authorities.

Application of Biosecurity in Arboriculture now available

New Application of Biosecurity Guidance Note Available

Best practice guidance for Arborists working in any role in arboriculture and environmental sectors.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to tackle biosecurity.

Guidance categorised by job roles from practical application to policy advisors.

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