How do I select the right Tree Surgeon?

First, refer to the Arboricultural Association's official guide to choosing your tree surgeon

  1. When making an appointment with an ARB Approved Contractor clients should advise the contractor whether advice on trees is required, or if a specification for works already exists against which the contractor’s quotation is sought
  2. Clients are advised to obtain more than one estimate or quotation for the purpose of comparison, but should remember that price is only one factor in selecting a service provider
  3. Estimates or quotations will normally be provided free of charge when quoting against a specification, however, a fee may be charged if advisory work is involved. Clients are advised to be clear with the contractor from the outset
  4. When asking for an estimate or quotation indicate when you would like the work undertaken. The contractor will advise whether or not this is practical or possible
  5. Respond to estimates or quotations quickly – try to advise the contractor within 7-10 days whether or not you wish them to undertake the work and make clear the terms of acceptance
  6. Ensure issues of tree protection legislation including TPO’s/Conservation Area or other restrictions, i.e. covenants/third party trees are consented/resolved prior to commissioning works

The directory lists Arboricultural Association ARB Approved Contractors throughout the UK which can be searched directly by name or simply by postcode and distance. However, remember that some contractors will operate throughout the UK and even abroad.

In the unlikely event that clients are not satisfied with services from an ARB Approved Contractor a complaints procedure may be followed.

Whist the Arboricultural Association makes every effort to ascertain the competence of ARB Approved Contractors it cannot accept liability in respect of any persons or companies named in the directory. The Arboricultural Association cannot be held responsible for the advice or actions of any persons or companies listed in our directories.

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